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Explore the Benefits of a Welding / Fitting Career

A college degree isn’t the only way to a satisfying career. With high pay, a low barrier to entry, and many opportunities for career growth, welding and fitting are an exciting and rewarding career choice. Discover why more than 400,000 individuals across the nation have already chosen this career for their own.

Enjoy High Demand

Welding is your path to career stability. With above 40,000 new welding jobs opening every year welding is a career that will always be in demand, with Texas having the highest employment level. Live where you want, and travel at will. While 1 in 10 welders call Texas home, welding is a career you can pursue anywhere. You can even become a traveling welder to see the country while earning an incredible salary in the Country.

Work Anywhere

Live where you want, and travel at will. Welding is a career you can pursue anywhere – You can even become a traveling welder to see the country while earning a great salary.

Earn Good Money

Enjoy financial security as a welder or fitter. With an average salary of about $47,000, welders are well-paid. However, skilled welders who choose specialized industries can earn up to $90,000 per year.

-U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Choose Affordable Training

Train within your budget. Four-year degrees are expensive, but at Careers of America, you can train for a career in welding for less than the cost of a semester of private college. Add in financial aid for an affordable, high-paying, hands-on career!

Enjoy Endless Opportunities

A large number of products in America require the services of a welder, while a shortfall of welders is expected within the year. Explore opportunities across any industry; enjoy rapid career advancement, and start training today, even if you have never welded before.

Start Welding or Fitting in just 5 weeks

Don’t wait years to complete a college degree and find a job. You can begin an exciting, hands-on welding career in just 5 weeks when you choose Careers of America. Our introductory welding and fitting training programs equip you to begin work as an entry-level welder or fitter faster and less expensive than an associate’s degree from college. Add more advanced courses to accelerate your career and your income!

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Don’t waste time navigating a complicated admissions process or searching for jobs alone after school. Our admissions process is as streamlined and efficient as our training program, while our career services help you find the perfect welding job after graduation.

Talk to an Admissions Representative

Our admissions recruiters are available to help you navigate the enrollment process quickly and efficiently. Contact us to get personal assistance with beginning your welding career.

Take a Campus Tour

Get a firsthand look at the hands-on training you will receive at Careers of America. View the state-of-the-art labs, classrooms, and facilities and meet some of your instructors.

Submit an Application

Like what you see? Submit an application to CoA. This application will include some basic paperwork and a few details to help us get to know you better and begin your journey to a rewarding career.

Embark on Your Training

Congratulations! Once you are accepted and have your financing in place, you can begin training for your welding / fitting / safety career with our experienced instructors and leading programs and seminars.

Enjoy Ongoing Assistance

Our student services and career services departments will support you throughout your program. From monitoring your progress to helping you land your first welding or fitting job, we support your career success.


You don’t need to have previous experience, welding skills, or a college degree to take up welding or fitting. Here are the most important qualifications for embarking on a hands-on welding career through Careers of America:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Valid high school diploma or GED
  • Completion of campus tour
  • Capable of passing a vision exam if required
  • Sufficient physical capabilities to meet the demands of the job
  • Military veterans may need to submit additional transcripts.

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    Want to learn more about welding and fitting training through Careers of America? Check out our FAQs below!

    • How can I schedule a campus tour?

      Please email or call (956)621-1257 to schedule a campus tour.

    • How much of the time is spent in the classroom versus in the shop?

      Although classroom time is just as important, almost 70% of the time is spent on hands- on training.

    • Will Careers Of America Help Me Find A Job After Graduation?

      Careers of America strives to prepare our graduates with the tools needed to find employment opportunities upon graduation. Although we cannot guarantee job placement, our careers services team is always ready to help our graduates with the next steps to begin their careers.

      We help our graduates by:

      • Preparing resumes
      • Preparing for interviews
      • Searching for job opportunities
      • Pre-testing for skills tests
      • Careers of America works with many industry partners such as Labor One.

    • what kind of job opportunities are available after I graduate?

      Training at Careers of America will prepare you for employment opportunities in various industries.

      • Shipyards
      • Oil & Gas
      • Automotive
      • Aerospace & Aviation
    • Will I be certified upon completion?

      Yes, after completion of the course, our students are certified by the American Welding Association (AWS) and NCCER.

    • How can I pay for Careers of America?

      State Funding

      Careers of America is a Texas state-approved training provider. Students who are unemployed or underemployed could qualify for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding. To learn more about this type of funding and to see if you qualify, visit your local Texas Workforce Commission office or contact our office at (956)621-1257.

      Third Party Loan Companies

      Careers of America is partnered with third party loan companies for students to help pay for their tuition. Please contact our office at (956)621-1257 for more information.


      Careers of America has scholarship opportunities for admitted students. Approval is based on a completed application and availability. Please contact our office at (956)621-1257 for more information.