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Advanced Welder

The Advanced Welder program prepares students for careers in welding precision manufacturing, pipe welding, exotic steels welding, and other careers related to welding in a maritime environment which may include oil refineries, chemical and power plants and shipyards and surrounding areas. The 1265 hour curriculum, which is similar to the Intermediate Welder program, is designed to amplify students welding ability in advanced pipe welding with an inert gas process. The program also includes working with Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding on Aluminum Pipe and Plate. The students will learn to develop skills, attitudes and competencies in welding processes and best safety practices. Participants in the program will be introduced to best safety practices, hand and power tools, oxyfuel and plasma arc cutting and base metal preparation and weld quality.

Program Location

20005 State Highway 48 Brownsville, TX 78521

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